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CentreSuite Features

Account Management
With CentreSuite, Program Administrators can manage your card program via 24-hour, real-time access, including the ability to:

  • Perform account maintenance
  • View account summaries
  • Monitor account authorization controls

Expense Management
Your organization can define business rules to automatically assign accounting codes to transactions. In addition, cardholder, approving managers and program administrators will be provided with the ability to:

  • View, edit and split transactions
  • Re-allocate transactions based on organization-specified codes
  • Utilize approval workflow

To achieve seamless integration, allocated transactions can be exported to your financial systems.

Statement Management
Cardholders, manager and program administrators will be able to:

  • Receive, view and/or pay account statements online
  • View real time account summaries and activities

Report and Export Management
Cardholders, managers and program administrators can be granted access to a number of reports in a variety of formats as well as queries and data exports that can be integrated into your organization’s financial systems. Reports and file exports can be scheduled for increased automation.